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Posted: November 11, 2003 06:13 am

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I was high as a kite all week last week. Sometime around Wednesday or Thursday last week I felt a little odd, or I guess I should say a little odder than my usual ominivore odd. At first I could not pin point the reason for my feeling strange, but then I happened to break apart the fishcake that I was eating and I saw that it was full of green onions. I get high on green onions. I had been eating that fishcake all week for lunch.

Reportedly, most people are actually allergic to their favorite food, i.e. the reason why most people consider a certain food their favorite food is because they are in fact allergic to it and are getting high on it.

Several years ago, I went for about three or four weeks eating exactly the same foods; fruit during the day and a salad at night. Then one night I decided to add green onions to the salad and it was almost as if I had taken some kind of hallucinogen. I could not believe the reaction I had to green onions (because almost everything my grandmother cooked for me when I was young had green onions in it).

I went another week eating the same foods without green onions and then I added green onions again and felt the exact same high, so then I knew that I was having some kind of reaction to green onions.

the effect of eating green onions is for me like being a little dizzy and the way you feel with you are really tired but are unable to sleep. Also, when I eat green onions I cannot get to sleep at night so the effect of feeling tired and dizzy just increases every day that I continue eating something with green onions in it. The doctors think that the real high of the food you are allergic to is masked by the fact that you are eating so many different kinds of things mixed together in the food you eat.

I am just amazed that I managed to graduate from high school and college with all of the food allergies I have and with the hypoglycemia I have and with the hypothyroidism that I have and all the other food abnormalities that I have. The only way that I feel anyway approaching normal is to be on a completely raw food diet.

My ultimate claim to fame is that I am very good at remaining calm with weird things are happening to me and around me.

For example, one day in college I woke up and it looked as though I looking through a fog (I latter found out that this condition was something called irisitis, I think, and was some allergic reaction to something or other).

Now, I'm not sure how most people would react if they woke up one day and their vision was seriously impaired, but I just stayed in my room for the day, doing little odd things that you can do when you can't see, and the next day the condition was gone.

Christopher Paige
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