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Posted: December 08, 2003 06:07 am

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I'm working at this advertising firm doing excel for no fahking money and the guy that I am reporting to, who happens to have the title Chief Technical Officer, comes running over to me with this urgent bullshit.

It seems that Chief Technical Officer has some high level mucky muck PMS beauch in his office who has this rush Powerpoint presentation she has to get done by end of day.

A fahking powerpoint presentation!

I mean, are there colleges out there that are still giving degrees to beauches who can't even do a fahking powerpoint presentation?

This advertising firm, which apparently is like one of the largest advertising firms in the country, has no fahking document management system. All of the documents these people have created are just stored in no order on each person's hard drive. This advertising firm has no directory of the powerpoint presentation that it has done in the past. In fact, I am actually creating a database of their powerpoint presentations in excel as my temp assignment with these idiot fahkers. And this firm has no database of the graphics created for past presentations. It appears that every presentation that this company does is from scratch, by somebody new creating the same sheat graphics over and over again.

The presentation that PMS beauch wants done (which she explains to me in a meeting with the Chief Technical Officer) would take all of about 10 minutes at any investment bank in town. But get this, the Chief Technical Officer wants me, apparently the grunt worker, to just TYPE the text into powerpoint and then he will run down the hall to some high level graphic artists beauch who will then create the fahking graphics (graphics that could be copied from any one of the 100 or so presentations that this company had done in the past if only they had a fahking clue on how to actually find them).

Chief Technical Officer makes a point to emphasize to me that he does not want me to attempt to do the graphics, as if I would fahking create fahking graphics for these aholes at the fahking rate that I am being paid on this idiot fahking assignment.

Most of the investment banks in NYC could crank out a hundred fahking presentations in a day twice the size of the one that PMS beauch wants done. And the Chief Technical Officer of this advertising firm would probably not get anywhere trying to BS his way into an investment bank.

I can't wait to get away from these aholes. I can look around this place and see that this is no place for a Black Man and no place for an engineer, there are too many beauches and too many idiots in this building.
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