> Girls Gone Wild, but without Ugly George
Posted: January 09, 2003 06:37 am

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Ugly George (at least I think that's what he was called) was this guy who went around with this video camera asking women to show him their breasts on camera. He gained a bit of fame in the day, but gladly, I have not seen or heard anything about him or from him in years.

Back in the day, for some reason, I kept running into this Ugly George person on the Streets in Manhattan. I once even ran into him at PC Expo.

Everytime I ran into this person, who really is ugly, he sneered at me as if he knew me or something. I was just taken aback every time I saw him. This ugly guy in short shorts with an old world video camera (covered for some reason in aluminum foil) is sneering at me as if he knows me personally.

Once, I saw this Ugly George person on tv and he just started to go on and on about Black men. Turns out it was Ugly George's opinion that Black Men ruined his business. Ugly George said on this talk show that if a Black Guy was around, that women would not show him their breasts (so that he could VIDEO TAPE THEM TO BROADCAST IT).

they seem to be doing it for Snoop Dog, don't they?

This now brings us to this Girls Gone Wild Thing. Somebody is making a shit load of money off of this Girls Gone Wild thing, which is essentially something that this Ugly George guy started doing about ten years earlier.

They say that living well is the ultimate revenge. Well, watching some other guy make millions off of YOUR idea, has to be the ultimate insult.

Christopher Paige
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Posted: June 11, 2005 06:38 pm


UG never sneered at anybody with money,cars, or condoms; only at Bigmouths who talk a lot but offer no help. soon to be on satellite Tv but already on if u can take it.
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