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Posted: December 26, 2003 06:59 pm

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The Terminator concept is brilliant in that it is a relatively logical platform on which you can build the unstoppable villain that the movie going audience seems to need.

While the movie going audience clearly has a NEED for an unstoppable villain and a super-human hero, the slasher movies like Jason et al fall flat because their logic (or lack there of) is not sustainable.

Terminator, Matrix, and Blade are brilliant platforms.

I have always thought that the predecessor to Terminator was more or less Yule Brenner's robotic gun fighter in Westworld. So, it was somewhat interesting to hear that a remake of Westworld was in the make.

However, between Westworld and Terminator was a movie called Eve of Destruction, which I just watched again recently.

What is most interesting about seeing Eve of Destruction again is that it looks like the perfect parody of Terminator. Eve of Destruction is about a female robot that goes amok and acts how the fantasies and hidden trauma of the woman scientist on whom the robot was modeled. Eve of Destruction is exactly the movie that somebody would have made after Terminator to put a feminist twist on the concept, except that Eve of Destruction was made BEFORE terminator.

In Eve of Destruction, a female robot is created by the government as an undercover weapon. While testing the Eve robot in a real life setting, the robot is damaged in an attempted robbery at a bank and goes amok.

The Everobot has the memories and brain scans of the female scientist on whom its appearance was based, so the robot thinks that it is Eve; only the robot is an Eve with no conscious and no inhibitions. The Eve robot goes wild in a pick-up bar that the real Eve was too timid to go into and the Eve robot goes about settling old scores that the real life Eve has against her father, her ex-husband and any man who calls her a bitch. Calling the Eve robot a bitch is a guaranteed death sentence.

All in all, Eve of Destruction holds up very well and the subsequent Terminator series only makes Eve of Destruction more appealing and more enjoyable. Somebody HAS to be thinking about making a sequel to Eve of Destruction.

Christopher Paige
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