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Posted: December 05, 2003 03:48 am

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Where do I begin?

I was in midtown at one of the last remaining porn palaces and I noticed the "Skin Gang" video in the marked-down bin for $5.00. I HAD to buy it.

First off, Skin Gang is a porn video of sorts by a German gay porn company called Cazzo Film. Actually, there are two versions of Skin Gang, one version is a hardcore gay porn video for the gay porn market and the other version is a theatrical release version (with hardcore gay sex in it as well). Both versions apparently were written and directed by Bruce La Bruce in association with Cazzo Film.

I read some interview in some gay magazine some years ago with the founders of Cazzo and they indicated that the name of their German porn video company (CAZZO) was derived from an Italian joke about God's *ick, Cazzo is apparently Italian for *ick.

Anywho, I saw the hardcore gay porn version of Skin Gang some years ago. I bought the hardcore gay porn version of Skin Gang because it was by Cazzo and I buy all of Cazzo's videos, it seems that my sexuality is identical to that of hardcore gay German whores.

I bought the hardcore gay porn version of Skin Gang because it was by Cazzo, I watched some of it and I returned it because, at the time, the sex with violence thing didn't work for me. Essentially, Skin Gang is about a group of gay skin heads in England (although the actors all seem to be German) who have sex with each other between engaging in various mayhem and violence, and who eventually break into the home of an inter-racial gay couple and gang rape the Black Guy part of the couple. During the gang rape of the Black Guy part of the gay couple, the Skin Heads yell sheat like "Bang the Monkey" and stuff, which is more or less why I returned it, the whole thing now just seems funny to me.

There seems to be a sort of reference to A Clockwork Orange in the film, There is a shot of the inter-racial couple in their nice clean and tidy apartment in London and the music being played reminded me of the music from A Clockwork Orange. In the movie A Clockwork Orange, this old foggy husband and wife is attacked and the wife is gang raped by Alex and his Gang to Singing in the Rain. When I finally got to saw A Clockwork Orange in college (after I had read the book in Louisiana but was unable to see the film in Louisiana), I laughed all the way through the gang rape scene; everyone in the theater was just staring at me like I was insane. I still have dreams of killing people I don't like to Singing in the Rain.

Almost all of the actors/models in Skin Gang were familiar to me because I had seen them in other Cazzo videos. But in Skin Gang these German actors are speaking in English with English accents and it is rather amazing how the fact that they are speaking in English accents affects how I perceive them. There is one actor in particular, VINCENT, I like a lot who plays a goof ball character named Manfred in the film. To me, Vincent speaking German reeks of masculinity, but somehow he just comes off silly and effeminate when there is English coming out of his mouth.

You can pretty much judge the value of gay porn video by how much dialogue there is in it. It seems that silly aasss porn directors think that putting a lot of fahking talking into porn somehow makes porn better. The fact is that most people would agree that the best gay porn on the market right now is gay porn from Europe, and there is very little dialogue in gay porn from Europe because most of the actors in these videos don't speak English (most of them are Czech, Hungarian or French).

I have to say that I enjoyed Skin Gang this time around mostly because I was familiar with the actors and it was somewhat interesting to see these German actors speaking English and to see them presented in some what different situations than they usually are in in the regular Cazzo films. But Skin Gang doesn't work as gay porn nor as a serious film. There is too much fahking dialogue and bullshit in Skin Gang for it to be good porn video and I'm sure that there is way too much hardcore gay sex in it for it to be taken seriously by a regular theater going audience.

There are some things in Skin Gang that are just so classic CAZZO. For example, there is a scene in Skin Gang in which a Skin Head is toping the White Guy part of the inter-racial gay couple and the White Guy is sticking a GUN in the Skin Head's mouth WHILE the sex is taking place. Obviously, this would be bizarre to any regular theater audience, but this is tame stuff from CAZZO, a video production company that has had gay porn videos in which: (a) one guy attacks another guy and rapes him in the mud, both guys are completely covered in mud during the entire sex scene; and, (b) there is routinely some scene of a guy being attacked and raped by either one or several other guys in your typical Cazzo Video. There is in fact one Cazzo Film in which funnels and gas masks are used that I just refused to watch in its entirety.
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