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Lourdes Lardass was manager of a small Lesbian Bar in Manhattan until June 1986. On June 19, 1986, Lourdes was tapped by the Cesarean Crime Family to front a Temp Agency that would operate in New York, DC and Philadelphia. The Cesareans created a temp agency, Lardass Staffing, and made Lourdes the owner “on paper”. The Cesareans got Lardass Staffing approved as a supplier of temps to several very large companies in Manhattan through the companies’ minority vendor programs and a variety of other methods of persuasion (since Lourdes is female and was listed as the owner of Lardass Staffing, Lardass Staffing was considered a “minority owned firm”).

The Cesareans, using Lourdes and Lardass Staffing as a front, sent people to companies under the guise of temping. Those people would then leave the companies with signed timesheets that enabled the Cesareans to legally funnel hundreds of millions of dollars out of the companies. Lardass Staffing billed companies $3,000/hr for word processors and paid the alleged “word processors” $19.00/hr to sit in word processing centers and pretend to be temps.

The Cesarean Crime Family was basically destroyed in 1996, when John Cesarean and his brothers Joey and Frankie were sent to prison on murder and racketeering charges. While Lourdes was indicted, Lourdes was acquitted because the court found that there was nothing illegal about charging $3,000/hr for temps and only paying the temps $19.00/hr.

Since 1996, Lourdes and her lesbian life partner Lenna Lardass, have operated Lardass Staffing as “essentially” a legitimate temp agency, although most employers in NYC are afraid to Not have Lardass Staffing as an approved temp agency. As a result, Lardass Staffing is the biggest and most successful temp agency is all of Manhattan.

Lourdes has been President of the United Association of Lesbian Owned Staffing Firms for every year that the association has been in existence.

LOURDES LARDASS is a character from Tempcity (tm) - The Movie"

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